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Dog Boarding

We work continually to ensure that each and every boarder has their individual needs catered for. Each border has its own feeding & exercise programmes, we can administer approved medication and help with socialising if requested.

We have 15 kennels in total which is an ideal size for a boarding kennel. Not too big where your dog is just a number, and not too small that your dog feels lonely. All our kennels have underfloor heating for the winter months, some have window views, and all have individual outside spaces attached. Plus, we have three large (100m x 30m each) grass, enclosed exercise areas where they can play off lead.


The Kennels has its own kitchen area for food preparation. We provide a variety of complete dry food and tinned meats which are included in the stay. If your dog is on a specific diet, you are welcome to bring in their own food. We have a fridge and freezer space so any special treats can be stored safely.

If you ask for nothing but the best for your beloved dog whilst you are away from home, then Stugdale Canine Clubhouse is the place to come. We are also pretty sure that due to our fantastic rural setting, your dog will think it is them that’s on holiday, not you.

We treat all dogs boarding with us as individuals and never treat any two dogs the same. We try to make their stay as relaxing and peaceful as possible and they never go without hugs and cuddles.

If you need to see for yourself then feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to arrange a guided tour for you to meet the staff and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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