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Dog Walker at the Park

Dog Daycare

We are located in the best position to offer your dog an amazing day-stay option. Our rural location between York and Malton just off of the A64 means that countryside walks are right on our doorstep.

Their day-stay needs are tailored individually after a long discussion with our trained staff. It isn't always about physical exercise it may be mental stimulation or just full-on love and cuddles that our pets require, which our staff are more than happy to provide.


Our huge outside areas will be accessible throughout their stay, but if they fancy a cuddle up inside then that is available also.

We run puppy socialisation stays, and doggie boot camps if your dog is in need of a slim down (our staff are nutritionally trained) or a golden oldie gentle socialisation then that is available also. We offer water play on those rare hot days and a warm towel on the soggy ones. *

You will receive regular updates on your dog during its stay if you require it so you can keep track of what your pet has been up to.

We can also bathe your dog* if required, but unfortunately, we cannot currently offer a full grooming service. We also have an in-house pet boutique that will be available soon for all your pet's needs.

Our day stay rates start at £20 per day, but discounts are available on our loyalty scheme

If you have any questions or concerns or you would like to book your free trial day feel free to give us a call to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

* additional charge may apply.

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